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The world’s first open database of safer chemistry for the textile, apparel and footwear industry

ZDHC《生产限用物质清单》(ZDHC MRSL)的创建对推进行业安全化学品管理具有重大意义。 然而,为了能够实现安全化学品采购,供应商必须了解能够获得产品信息的方式和渠道。

到目前为止,纺织和鞋类生产商必须对来自其化学品供应商的每件产品进行ZDHC MRSL评估,这一过程繁冗耗时。

ZDHC Gateway – 化学品模块是一个简单的在线搜索工具,它显示了化学产品符合ZDHC MRSL的级别,从而能够帮助化学品采购人员做出更佳的采购决定。

The creation of the ZDHC Manufacturers Restricted Substance List (ZDHC MRSL) was hailed as an industry milestone towards safer chemical management. However, suppliers struggle to know how to assess, and where to go, to source safer chemistry.

Until now textile and footwear manufacturers have needed to undertake a painstaking and time-consuming process of evaluating every product from each of their chemical suppliers against the ZDHC MRSL.

The ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module is a simple, online search tool that shows the level to which a chemical buyer can be confident a product conforms to or meets the ZDHC MRSL.



Sharing information is essential



合作是实现深远变革的关键。ZDHC鼓励价值链中所有参与者秉承透明和公开的原则,共同推进ZDHC MRSL和《废水指南》的标准。

The ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme is a collaboration of brands, value chain affiliates and associates who are committed to eliminate hazardous chemicals from the textile, leather, and footwear value chain.

Working together is essential to achieving lasting and meaningful change. ZDHC encourages transparency and openness between all actors in the value chain, in order to drive conformance towards the ZDHC MRSL and Wastewater Guidelines.


信心十足的确保ZDHC MRSL符合性

Confidently assure Chemical Conformance to the ZDHC MRSL


能够评估ZDHC MRSL符合性的方法很多。ZDHC计划选择由能够提供认证系统的第三方进行评估的评估方式,该认证系统建立在输入流管理和产品评估的基础之上,并由ZDHC计划承认和认可。经评估后,一项化学制剂的符合性级别越高,证明这一制剂符合ZDHC MRSL的置信度越高。

ZDHC Gateway – 化学品模块的低门槛保证了由大到小不同规模的公司都能够注册其产品并证明产品的ZDHC MRSL符合性。

化学品公司需要为其化学品模块中的制剂支付年费,并承担及时维护和更新其产品和相关认证信息的责任。ZDHC Gateway – 化学品模块的用户能够搜索和识别指定制剂、产品列表,并有权访问ZDHC MRSL的相关认证信息。

There are many possible ways to assess conformance to the ZDHC MRSL. The ZDHC Programme chooses to do this by relying on third-parties who provide certification systems, based on input stream management concept and product evaluation, that are recognised and accepted by the ZDHC Programme as credible. A high level of conformance indicates a high level of confidence that the chemical formulation conforms to the ZDHC MRSL.

Chemical companies will pay an annual fee to have their formulations listed and will be responsible for keeping information regarding products and valid certifications.

Users of the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module are able to search and identify specific formulations, product listings, and access ZDHC MRSL-related certifications..

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