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All Parties Must Closely Cooperate For The Recovery of National TPT Industry

Jakarta, January 15th, 2021


Manufacturers in textile and textile product (TPT) industry believe that cooperation of all stakeholders is required for the recovery of Indonesian textile industry. As a matter of fact, they say, difficult time for the textile industry in general has actually been going on long before the Covid-19 but getting worse with the pandemic. Manufacturers selling in local market find it really hard to compete with the imported products particularly those entering the country illegally.

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Free Import Duty of Raw Material for PPE and Medical Mask Continue in 2021

Jakarta, January 7, 2021

Impor Bahan Baku TPT

To overcome the shortage of raw material at home for Personal Protective Equipments and medical masks, government will continue to provide incentives in the form of exemption from import duty or import tax on raw materials borne by government in 2021. Director of Textile, Leather and Footwear Industry at the Industry Ministry, Elis Masitoh in FGDs conducted in Bandung via offline and online recently said that government would continue to provide facilities for exemption from import duties or import duties borne by government for importing PPE raw materials and medical masks to overcome the shortage of raw materials in the country.

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Businessmen in Texile Industry Hope Omnibus Law can Save the Industry

Jakarta, 4 Januari 2021

TPT Workers

Businessmen in textiles and textile products (TPT) industry, especially garments, as a labor-intensive in the downstream, expect the so-called omnibus law can be a better help for companies as the rise of wages every year plus sectoral wages cannot be compensated by the increase of productivity any longer. Several company members of API Jakarta have stated that the increase in wages in the end can no longer be balanced with an increase in productivity. For this reason, companies in the Bonded Zone (KBN) Cakung Jakarta forcced to relocated to Central Java and other countries such as Vietnam.

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Cotton USA Encourages Textile Industry Transformation

Jakarta, January 2, 2021

Sustainable Cotton

Representative of the Cotton Council International (CCI) in Indonesia, Anh Dung (Andy) Do said Cotton USA is always committed to increasing public attention to the importance of high quality cotton, especially US cotton which has been used as the basic material for the manufacture of materials from various international fashion brands in the world. , including in Indonesia.

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Industry Ministry said Textile industry Began to Rise Amid the Pandemic

Jakarta, December 28, 2020

TPT Workers

Based on the IHS Markit survey report, Indonesian manufacturing firms are starting to rise as indicated by the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) rose nearly three points to 50.6 in November 2020 from the previous month's level of 47.8. An index above neutral 50 threshold indicates improvement. Conversely, an index below 50 indicates contractionary activity.

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Indonesian TPT Can Compete Globally Post Pandemic

Jakarta, December 20, 2020


In the last few years, the flooding of imported textile and clothing into domestic market has continued to increase and has made it more difficult for business actors, especially those targeting domestic market, to run and maintain their businesses. Such situation has been going on long before the Covid-19 pandemic and the current situation is getting even more difficult. Business actors have on various occasions conveyed to the government the need for fundamental policy changes related to import to restore the glory of the Indonesian textile industry. The Ministry of Industry has prepared a series of measures to control textile import.

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World Trend Turns to Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Textile

Jakarta, December 12, 2020

Recycled Fabric

In the last few years, world textile consumers have shown more interest in green and sustainable textile and clothing. Responding to this change in consumer tastes, brand holders, retailers and manufacturers are starting to expand for environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

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Young talents honoured online

Frankfurt, 3 December 2020

In early December, the chairman of the Walter Reiners Foundation of the VDMA Textile Machinery Association, Peter D. Dornier presented awards to six successful young engineers. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the award ceremony took place as a web conference for the first time. Philippa Böhnke, ITM Dresden, and Juan Carlos Arañó Romero, ITA Aachen, were honoured with creativity awards for the cleverest bachelor or project work. The prizes are endowed with 3,000 euros each. Ms. Böhnke’s project dealt with composite implants for the repair and regeneration of bone defects. DIn his bachelor thesis, Mr. Arañó Romero has developed a spinning machine able to produce yarn with material from the moon. By this, the transport effort in space travel can be minimised, because insulating material for example necessary for a moon base can be produced on the moon directly.

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Hand-over Ceremony to PT. Dai-Ichi Kimia Raya (DKR) as...

Jakarta November 26 2020

Menteri PerdaganganImpressions of the hand-over ceremony in honour of PT. Dai-Ichi Kimia Raya (DKR) being the first ECO PASSPORT by Oeko-Tex® Certificate holder with ZDHC conformance level 3.

PT. Dai-Ichi Kimia Raya has successfully achieved the 1st ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certificate with ZDHC Conformance Level 3 in Indonesia. Original certificate hand-over ceremony was held in PT. Dai-Ichi Kimia Raya’ head office in Karawang, West Java to congratulate their remarkable achievement. PT. TESTEX, as the only OEKO-TEX representative office in Indonesia, is very proud to have been part of this journey and has been welcomed with high appreciation and hospitality during the hand-over ceremony....

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K3L for Textile and Textile Product

Jakarta, November 2020

Import of Raw Material

Current meeting of member companies of the Indonesian Textile Association (API JAKARTA) with Director of Consumer Protection and Commercial Order of Trade Ministry Sihard Hadjopan Pohan stated that currently there is a textile and textile product registration in order to obtain the so-called K3L registration number. Pohan continued saying that in accordance with Trade Minister Regulation No.18 of 2019, all K3L-related products both produced at home or imported product should be registered before sale in local market. This means that products circulating in the domestic market listed in the annex of the Ministry of Trade, both domestic and imported textiles, must have a K3L registration number for trade at home.

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Due to Corona Outbreak, Import of Raw Material is Facilitated

Jakarta, March 2020

Import of Raw Material

President Joko Widodo requested that imports of raw materials for manufacturing industry be expanded to ensure production activities continue and inflation that had been maintained for five years not interrupted due to the outbreak of the corona virus. According to President, if the production process is disrupted due to shortage of on raw materials, it will push the price of goods up and the price increase will push inflation. Exports will also be disrupted if there are no raw materials to produce goods for export.

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Corona Outbreak Impacted Textile Industry

Jakarta, February 2020

Export - Import of Textile

In a recent meeting of API DKI Boards and the company members of the Indonesian Textile Association (BPP API DKI Jakarta) which took place at the Jakarta API secretariat office it was revealed that the spread of the corona virus in Wuhan China began to negatively impact on the supply of raw materials for garment factory. However, manufacturers of raw materials, especially fabrics, said they began to ...

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Jokowi Inaugurated the Largest Rayon Plant in Indonesia

Jakarta, February 2020

President at PT. APR

President Joko Widodo inaugurated the PT Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) plant, an integrated rayon and yarn production facility in Riau Province recently. The fiber manufacturer plant, with an overall investment of Rp. 15.5 trillion, produces approximately 240,000 tons of rayon annually. The plant can produce 10,000 tons of yarn annually as a raw material for the garment industry. According to the president, production capacity will continue to increase to reach 600,000 tons per year and ....

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Textile Industry significantly contributes to National Economy

Jakarta, January 2020

Minister of Industry

Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita in his address speech at the 15th National Conference of Indonesian Textile Association in Jakarta more recently said that textile and textile product (TPT) industry was one of the sectors signifnicantly contributed to national economy as indicated by the highest growth of the textile and apparel industry to 15.08 percent in the third quarter of 2019.

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Government Wants to Lower Gas Prises for Industry

Jakarta January 2020

Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs

Coordinating Minister of Economic Affair Airlangga Hartarto said he would study three options proposed by President Joko Widodo in attempt to lower gas prices for industry by March 2020. The minister would see whether the three options are possible to be realized. According to Airlangga, the government will immediately decide on a reduction in gas prices for industry after the assessment is completed.

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Safeguard Has Yet Effective For Textile Industry

Jakarta, December 2019

Finance Minister
Textile industry has been always become one of the cornerstone of exports in the country, the fulfillment of domestic needs and also employing many workers due to the labor-intensive nature of the industry. However, the current flooding of imported textile products resulted in the closure of a number of companies and layoffs of workers in this sector can not be avoided. "We all know that large number of textile products entering Indonesia market like Tanah Abang make us difficult to find locally-made products but ...

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